Work Related Injury Chiropractor in Austin, TX

Work related injuries are quite a common occurrence, whether you’re in the office or in a more physically active line of work such as construction. Despite the misconception that work related injuries are due to a catastrophic accident such as a big fall, operating heavy machinery, or industrial, there are many people who suffer from work injuries in all kind of settings. Common, daily repetitive movements actually make up a large percentage of work related injuries.

There are 2 things to consider when dealing with work related injuries to make sure you take care of the matter properly without any complications or headaches. One, it’s a good idea to find a good health care specialist who sees work related injuries regularly. Dr. Colm deals with work injuries quite often and understands that the injury needs treating effectively to make sure the patient can get back to a 100% health as soon as possible.
Two, work related injuries generally require you to see someone who specializes in such matters and can properly provide an assessment for your condition. Making sure you find the right practice experienced in dealing with work injury matters can go a long way in making sure your case and situation is handled well.v

During your visit, Dr. Colm will recommend a treatment program that is based on a
personalized assessment of your needs, provide completely “hands on” and gentle adjustments to make sure you’re able to recover from your accident and injury as quickly as possible. Dr. Colm specializes in treating neck and back pain, as well as carpal tunnel, strains & sprains, whiplash, and more complicated neurological situations.

Work Accident Treatment in Austin, TX

If you’ve suffered an accident or injury in the workplace, please don’t hesitate to give Dr. Colm a call to schedule a consultation to make sure we can find the proper treatment and course of action to get you to your better self as soon as possible. Each visit starts with a comprehensive consultation and injury assessment, followed by an exam and gentle chiropractic adjustments so that you’re on the road back to recovery in the same day. Don’t let things get worse. If you’re in the Austin, TX area with a work related injury, give us a call!



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