Can Dr. Colm Help YOU?

We strive to improve our practice for the amazing community of patients that we see each day. Here is what they have to say about care with Colm Chiropractic...


"Dr. Colm is amazing. He took the time to listen to my issues & concerns. Unlike other chiropractors I've been to over the years, he took x-rays, and found the source of my back pain before beginning treatment. He came up with an individualized treatment plan- and it worked! I can't remember the last time I lived this back-pain-free! I definitely recommend Dr. Colm and his team for all your chiropractic needs!"

-Christine B.


"I started getting frequent headaches when I turned 16. For years I just thought it was related to poor diet or sleep, but after making lifestyle changes the headaches remained. I began seeing Trevor in October of 2016 and within weeks my headaches lessened. Now my headaches have all, but completely disappeared and I feel great! Trevor has really changed my life."

- Tim C.


"Such an awesome before and after difference! I was having neck and lower back pain. Dr. Trevor Colm is gently and effectively correcting my spinal problems and reducing the pain in my body. My headaches are gone, I am sleeping better, and I feel like I have more strength in my legs. Dr. Colm does imaging in-house. His diagnosis methods are thorough. His treatments are fast and painless, but extremely effective. His manner is professional and pleasant. His office staff is kind and caring. If you are looking for a great chiropractor, you just found one"

-Cat C.

"This is my 3rd pregnancy and with my second baby having been breech, I decided I would see a chiropractor to make sure everything was aligned and optimal for this baby.
I think chiropractic treatments have made a huge difference. I actually feel pretty much like a normal (besides having a squirmy ball protruding from my abdomen) non pregnant person. No aches nor swelling, and I have felt less round ligament pains this time around.

Dr. Trevor is super friendly, knowledgeable, and takes the time to answer your questions. Dr. Whitney is very thorough and since she specializes in pregnancies, and is certified in the Webster technique, I actually feel better now than before I was pregnant.

The office is easy to access and parking is never an issue. I've only had to wait a few times before either of the doctors could see me, but those waits were never more than 5 minutes.

My kids, are completely enamored with Julia at the front desk, who has a way with kids (in addition to stickers and lollipops), which makes her the coolest lady in the world.
While there aren't toys in the waiting room, I have been assured that kids are welcomed at the office.

I've only been to one other chiropractor before seeing the Colms, but my treatments have been effective and I feel great. I will continue to see them as needed. They have made a believer out of me."

- Jessica H.


"When I hurt my hip several months ago, I didn't know what kind of doctor I should see. I went to see my PCP, and she referred me to an orthopedic surgeon who (without even touching my hip) suggested I get a shot to help with the pain. I was very discouraged ...until I met Dr. Colm.
After one adjustment, my hip felt better, and over time I felt complete relief. I saw Dr. Colm frequently over the course of several months to address other issues I was experiencing for years, but never addressed because I couldn't find a chiropractor I liked.
Before Dr. Colm, I thought it was normal to feel back/neck pain on a daily basis, and now I don't experience it at all. My adjustments are easy and effective, and Dr. Colm and Julia make the appointments welcoming and fun. I would highly recommend Dr. Colm!"

-Melinda N.


"I've been a patient of Dr. Trevor Colm's since January '17 and plan to continue being a patient of his for the foreseeable future. I have had chronic low back pain for as long as I can remember and after a horrid experience at a 'burn and churn' chiropractic franchise, I decided to give Dr. Colm a try to help ease my pain.

During my initial visit, Dr. Colm took x-rays, explained the likely reason for my back pain, and laid out a treatment plan to address the issue. After several visits, I noticed a positive difference and the pain has only subsided the more adjustments I've had.

I'd strongly recommend Dr. Colm. Not only is he a great chiropractor, but he and his staff are also amazing people! Sometimes I enjoy going into the office simply for the conversation."

- Gavin W.



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