Pregnancy Discomfort Relief in Austin, TX

If you or your loved one is pregnant, then you understand the long list of health symptoms that come with being an expecting mother, ranging from tired and swollen feet to a killing lower back. Being pregnant puts a tremendous amount of stress on your body. Your body is going thru major changes both hormonally and biologically, but from a biophysical standpoint there is a substantial amount of weight and pressure on your spine from having to carry a child 24/7 for 9 months. As the body starts to change and gain weight, the muscles in the back start to tighten up as the weight develops forward, also changing the center of gravity during the pregnancy months. It’s much more difficult to get up, walk around and even sit at rest due to the postural and structural changes that come from being pregnant.

One of the most common pregnancy discomfort symptoms is back pain and backache, particularly the lower back and lumbar area. It is one of the most commonly reported symptom that can have a negative impact on your quality of life for months. While there are some helpful ways to relieve pressure such as stretching and massage of the tight muscles, having a specialist who can provide gentle and experienced care for prenatal adjustments can make a big difference in improving your daily life for the next 9 months. Dr. Colm has experience in providing effective chiropractic adjustments for prenatal issues, and can help you get through the long months of pregnancy with as little pain and discomfort as possible.

The other aspect of prenatal chiropractic care is making sure your whole body is operating at the most optimal level for both you and your child. Pregnancy can take its toll on your health particularly due to the increased need for nutrition and vitamins, and also making sure to avoid any disease or contagious health pathogens by keeping your immune system in tip top shape. Dr. Colm specializes in Neuro Specific Prone technique and the philosophy that the body runs at its most optimal by keeping the nervous system healthy. Regular chiropractic assessment and care can make sure that the spine does not impinge on any nerves and create any harmful subluxations that may affect overall health.

Dr. Colm is trained in the Webster’s technique which is a gentle technique known for helping breached babies turn into the proper position by balancing the uterine and pelvic ligaments. This can be very important and helpful during the child birth process.

If you’re experiencing prenatal discomfort in the Austin area or want to keep your body’s immune, hormonal, and nervous system in healthy shape for you and your baby, give Dr. Colm a visit and ask about our new patient special!



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