Are you Suffering from Neck Pain in Austin, TX?

Neck pain is something that many people experience from time to time. But it’s unique AND dangerous in that the neck and the cervical spine is what supports your head and brain. The vertebrae and joints are much more smaller in size than your lumbar or back vertebrae, and oftentimes neck pain can lead to troubling symptoms such as tingling of the hands and fingers, as well as shooting pain around the shoulders, collar bone, and skull area.

Neck pain and tension is also responsible for limited range of motion, which can affect your overall body posture and spinal health because the cervical vertebrae such as the C1 Atlas can play an important role in how the rest of your body is aligned.

Is Pain the Only Symptoms for Neck Issues?

Some of the symptoms of neck pain can be a sharp, shooting pain when moving, limited range of motion, pain on one side of the neck, stiffness and throbbing pain in the muscles surrounding the neck, pain that radiates down to your shoulders, arms and fingers, and tingling in the extremities.

Sometimes there might not be shooting or sharp pain, but a lot of tension and stiffness in the cervical area, which in turn causes the traps and upper back to also tighten up in response to the tension experienced up top. Patients sometimes will experience “referred pain” where pain will be found in areas other than the neck, due to the postural asymmetry and misalignment of the spine starting from the neck.

Safe Chiropractic Methods for Addressing Neck Problems

If you’re experience neck pain in the Austin, TX area, give Dr. Colm a visit and schedule a consultation so he can do a thorough assessment and show you what’s causing the issues.

Dr. Colm specializes in “Neuro Specific Prone” Chiropractic methods, which is used every day to address neck pain in the Austin area.we help people with neck pain every week here at Colm Chiropractic. We help people with neck pain every week here at Colm Chiropractic. The chiropractic methods used are gentle and safe, and would be a worthy alternative to invasive surgery or medications.



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