Do You Have an Ear Infection in Austin?

Ears infections are quite a common occurrence for some people and it’s quite unfortunate that the go-to remedy for ear infections is automatic antibiotic therapy, which can have harsh side effects, as well as contribute to the growing problem of antibiotic resistant bacteria. Continual use of antibiotics can wreak havoc on the natural flora in your GI tract which plays a huge role for not only digestion, but also for your immune health. However, since ear infections are quite painful it’s very important that if you or someone you know is suffering from ear infections, that it gets treated promptly.

Symptoms of Ear infections

Ear infections can be quite painful resulting in loss of hearing, muffled hearing, discharge, ringing, popping and crackling noises, and dizziness. Ear infections are quite common among kids going up during their childhood, and these symptoms can be quite nasty. Sometimes it can progress to more serious symptoms such as nausea, fever, loss of balance, etc. and can put you in bed for quite some while.

Traditional Medicine vs Chiropractic Approach to Ear infections

Antibiotics are prescribed usually at the first sign of an ear infection and some people are prescribed antibiotics multiple times over the course of their lives due to recurring ear infections, which only make the immune system and body’s natural healing abilities worse. While antibiotics and proper medical treatment is necessary at times, it’s also important to note that a strong factor in one’s ability to recover from an illness or infection such as an ear infection, is due to spinal health and vertebral subluxations.

Chiropractic Adjustments allow your body’s nerve to flow correctly through the proper alignment of your entire spine which houses your nervous system. This allows your immune and nervous system to function properly and to provide an open doorway for your body’s natural healing process to take place without any obstructions. Often times patients will come with what is known as a “secondary condition”, which can be rooted in poor spine and nervous system health. Regular chiropractic treatment can help maintain the body in the most optimal state and can help kick start the body’s healing process when dealing with conditions such as ear infections.

If you’re suffering from an ear infection, or are prone to frequent ear infections, let Dr. Colm take a look and assess what’s going on in your body. You may be surprised to find that his assessment can help take your health back to feeling much better than ever by addressing the primary, root cause of health issues that can result in secondary conditions. Dr. Colm treats ear infections by looking at your whole body’s state of health in the Austin, TX area so feel free to ask about our new patient special!



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