Do you have Disc Injury that Needs Treatment near the Austin, TX area?

Dr. Colm has extensive experience with patients with disc injuries as well as disc herniations due to falls, automobile or bicycle accidents, sports injury, trauma, and even unknown causes.
Disc injuries are nothing to take lightly as the disc in between your spinal vertebrae start to protrude out and can cause mild to severe pain and discomfort.

What is a Disc Injury Anyway?

The “discs” are soft, pad like substances that are placed between each vertebrae in the spine in both the neck and back. They provide padding, support, and protection for your spine and most importantly, the nervous system that the spine houses. When there is a disc injury, these discs start to protrude out and essentially stick out from their original position, which causes pinched nerves, pain and irritation. This can result in not just pain in the surround area, but also can be responsible for tension in other parts of the body as the body tries to compensate for the discomfort in the primary affected area.

Disc injuries are a source of recurring pain for many people and also can be a sudden downer by rearing its ugly head when you least expect it. Herniated discs are when the discs rupture and start to push the gel out, and most likely will have severe pain and numbness associated with it.

Regardless of the cause, gentle chiropractic therapy can treat many disc injuries successfully and can help patients save both time and money from having to opt for expensive and invasive surgery right off the bat.

If you’re experiencing a disc injury in the Austin, TX area and want to see a specialist that treats injuries of this type on a regular basis, please contact Colm Chiropractic for a consultation and let Dr. Colm provide you with the best, hands-on, non-invasive care to get address the injury as soon as possible.



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