Accepting New Patients

Same Day Appointments Available

Call Catherine at our front desk for availability.


What is a Chiropractic Visit Like?

If you have never seen a chiropractor before, Dr. Trevor will sit with you 1-on-1 to discuss your concerns and answer your questions, this is a free consultation.

Allow at least 25 minutes to share your concerns and have your questions answered without feeling rushed. The consultation will cover your current state of health, your reasons for the visit, and what you would like to see improve through chiropractic care as well as any questions you may have about care or chiropractors. Paperwork is available to print or fill out electronically, it is basic information, health history, symptoms, and HIPAA. If you prefer to complete the forms in office, please allow 10 to 15 minutes in addition to your visit, we'll have them ready when you arrive!

What do I Wear to a Chiropractor Appointment?



When wearing dresses and short skirts, we can provide a cover for your legs during your adjustment; we find patients are more comfortable wearing pants or leggings.


If you are wearing shoes with a high heel, sandals, or any type of slip-on shoe, we will provide you with a pair of slip-on shoes. Patients are encouraged to bring along a pair of socks if you are unsure about your shoes.

How Much Does it Cost to see a Chiropractor?

We bill per procedure and when patients have insurance, the final cost is dependent on your coverage and deductible, which are checked during the consultation. We have flexible payment options for patients with high deductibles and patients without insurance. The fee for initial exams and scans is $100-$200 depending on whether X-Rays are recommended. Select and fill out the medical release form if you need us to request recent X-rays, MRI's, or other medical documents. Each visit thereafter is $70 with optional therapies when recommended. Please note that we are not listed with any insurance networks, we are happy to help you with questions about insurance claims.