What Kind Chiropractic Care Should Kids Get?

Should kids get chiropractic care? Do they need chiropractic therapy? If so, are there any specific kind of treatments kids should or should not receive? When it comes to kids and spinal health, the answer is simple. Kids are human beings, and human beings have spines. Kids get hurt, they fall and tumble, they wrestle and ride bikes, and are bound to receive some form of injury or spinal imbalance at some point in their childhood growing up.

Kids are unable to verbalize or articulate their pains and aches as well as an adult would. Kids are often experiencing such discomforts or pains for the first time in their lives! Because of this, sometimes kids may take a tumble or fall and not really understand to even bring it up until an ache or pain grows to something much more serious.

Because kids are continually growing and their bodies are being shaped daily, it’s important that kids do get regular checkups or assessments to make sure that they properly being developed, and that includes their spine and structural imbalances. Scoliosis and spinal diseases are screened for occasionally in middle or high school, but kids should get a thorough check and chiropractic care when they are young so they develop as balanced as possible.

Posture in Kids

Chiropractic care can play a huge role in the postural development of a child. A child’s muscle memory is still being developed and if a child gets hurt and has a structural imbalance, it is possible to develop into secondary conditions and imbalances that affect the postural “norm” of the kid into the adult years. Kids nowadays are required to haul every backpacks every day to school, slouch due to excessive computer and tablet use, continually develop bad curvature of the shoulders and neck due to looking down at the mobile phones. Correcting posture early can pay dividends in the long run, and regular chiropractic care helps combat against the constant, daily battle of bad postural habits and accidents.

Colic in Babies

Does your infant suffer from colic in Austin? Infantile colic can be a frustrating and heartbreaking experience for both the infant and the parents. The infant is unable to express what is wrong and the uncontrollable and inconsolable crying is labeled as colic. Colic isn’t a medical disease nor an answer to the cause of why the baby is crying. Colic only means that the baby is crying. Not very helpful when looking for answers. Chiropractic care can help when babies experience colic, and babies can experience relaxation and sleep soon after a gentle infant adjustment.

If you’re in the Austin area looking for a chiropractor who’s great with kids and infants and has experience dealing with youngsters that require a more gentler, kinder approach, then give Dr. Colm a call. Dr. Colm is great with kids!



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