Are you Experiencing Pain in Your Arms or Legs in Austin?

People often think of “back pain” or “neck pain” when they think of general chiropractic care, but often overlook how often we use our arms and legs on a daily basis. They get just as much wear, if not more abuse than the spine at times. The arms and legs, as well as the small joints, often require dexterity and flexibility that the spine does not. That kind of use often results in strains and tears or some form of inflammation in the limbs, especially in the rotating sockets such as the shoulders or hips. The shoulders, elbows, wrists and fingers are put under stress from all kinds of activities, ranging from sports and playing the occasional basketball game, to simply typing for hours everyday on a keyboard. The hips and ankles can suffer from improper posture as well as acute injury related to a sprain or fall.

There are 2 main types of arm and leg pain that can result in the human body. The first type of pain can come from an acute incident such as an injury or accident. Usually in this case the patient is aware of what caused the pain symptom and has a good idea of a specific moment where they got hurt. A few examples of acute arm and leg pain can be throwing out your shoulder during a tennis match, possibly pulling your tendon while doing a pull-up, even tweaking your rotator cuff while vacuuming the carpet rug in your home, or simply spraining your ankle in a pot hole in in your backyard. These type of injuries usually result in sudden pain, swelling and inflammation. Chiropractic care can help address these types of injuries and pain and Dr. Colm is well versed in helping the joints in the arm and legs recover and heal with treatment and recovery exercises.

The second type of arm and leg pain can come from chronic, repetitive overworking of the arm and leg joints that wear and tear over time. Usually chronic and persistent wear is very gradual and develops slowly over time, and because of the lack of 1 specific moment that caused the pain, it is very hard for the patient to know what exactly is causing the pain in the arm or leg area. They know it hurts, but they’re quite unaware of why it’s starting to hurt when it didn’t hurt before, or where the pain “suddenly” came from. This is where seeing a specialist like Dr. Colm can help narrow and pinpoint what exactly is going on in your body. Dr. Colm’s wide range of experiences allows him to diagnose the imbalances and structural misalignments that are contributing to the symptoms, helping deduce what kind of habits are compounding to the problem that you may not be aware of.

A Special Type of Arm and Leg Pain

As mentioned above, there are acute and chronic causes for arm and leg pain. There is a special kind of pain known as “referred pain” when it comes to general musculoskeletal health. This is a kind of pain that is felt in some place other than where it originates. An example of this is feeling a twinge or sharp numbness down the legs or the side of your thighs that is called by a lumbar spinal issue, such as a pinched nerve.

Referred pain is not easy for patients to know where it’s coming from. Mainly because, well.. the pain is felt further away from the source.

Dr. Colm specializes in finding and diagnosing referred pain and is well experienced in treating it. If you’re experiencing arm and/or leg pain in the Austin, TX area and would like a chiropractic specialist help figure out how to ease the pain, come and schedule a meeting with Dr. Colm!



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