Why Did I Become a Chiropractor?


While doing my undergraduate degree in University, I suffered a major concussion playing lacrosse. As a result, I lost my short-term memory.

In that moment, my entire life changed. Following my concussion, I had to take time off school.  After 3 months with no change, I had started to lose hope.

When I was referred to a chiropractor, I had no idea how it could help. They were for back pain, right, how was a chiropractor supposed to help me? During the first visit, they explained how our body can't heal if the spine is not healthy.

What Do I Do in my Spare Time?

When I have free time, most of it is spent with my wife Whitney, also a chiropractor, our beautiful daughter Ella, and our bulldog Moose.

Then I realized, this is exactly what I was looking for. After only 2 weeks, I noticed huge improvement in my memory and I knew I was on my way back to health.

I was able to go back to school the next semester and graduate and do all the things I loved again.

Over the next few months, I made a full recovery. My memory works better than it did before the accident, and my life was forever changed. The experience inspired me to become a chiropractor to help transform peoples lives the way mine was.

First of all, we are big foodies! Whenever we are out, you can find us at local Austin restaurants; we love trying the best food in the city. When I can, I enjoy playing guitar, camping, fishing, and travelling.

Dr. Trevor Colm and Dr. Whitney Colm with their daughter, Elaa and bulldog, Moose.
Dr. Trevor and his wife, Dr. Whitney with their daughter Ella and bulldog, Moose.