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At Colm Chiropractic we take pride in being at the forefront of chiropractic using the most modern technology and most comfortable and effective spinal adjusting techniques.  Our approach works with your body’s natural ability to heal without the discomfort of twisting and popping your spine that traditional chiropractic uses.

Located in the heart of South Austin, your first visit starts with a no-pressure consultation to determine if we can help you reach your health goals.  If we can’t, we’ll tell you who can. If we feel we can help, we move forward with our thorough examination using two state-of-the-art technologies: a modern digital x-ray to see the health of your spinal structures and a spinal scan called surface EMG to see the function of your spine and nervous system.  With a clear picture of your health condition and the cause of it, Dr. Trevor goes over his recommendations on the second visit.

Our care plans use Torque Release Technique adjustments, the most researched and effective technique available.  We have helped hundreds of patients in our office recover from many health conditions often when other specialists can’t!