Gentle. Safe. Effective.

Tech Driven

We use technology developed by NASA to measure the electrical activity of the muscles surrounding your spine.

Relationship Based

We believe by developing a relationship with our patients, we can deliver much higher quality care.

Exceptional Results

By using our advanced techniques and state of the art technology we consistently deliver world class results.


What our patients are saying:

"Gifted is the most appropriate term to describe Dr Trevor Colm. I’ve been going to chiropractors good and bad for over 30 years in several different cities. Dr Colm is head and shoulders above all of them! Gentle, effective, efficient, and kind are also good descriptions for his technique. The office is sleek and calm, and parking is a breeze. He and his staff are always warm and accommodating. What more could you ask of a top notch health care provider?"

-Lauren C.

"This place is by far the best chiropractor I have been to. Dr. Trevor is very good at what he does, very knowledgable & is always so nice! I go in for weekly adjustments & I always feel better when I leave. I have been blown away by his generosity & am so thankful for his practice & the change it's made in how I feel in my everyday life! Would HIGHLY recommend Dr. Colm!"

-Brooke E.

"I started seeing Dr. Colm over 2 years ago to help with my chronic back pain and muscle spasm. These were so debilitating they would often leave me unable to work or walk without pain. Dr. Colm listened to my concerns, did a thorough exam, and formulated a unique treatment plan. And it worked better than any chiropractor I had ever been to before. I now only have 1-2 flare ups a year, and they may last a day, unlike the weeks at a time before. I cannot say enough good things!"

-Christine B.


Conditions We Help

Meet the Team


Dr. Trevor

I became a chiropractor after losing my memory to a concussion.  Shortly after my first adjustment, my memory began to return and my whole life started to change in a BIG way.  I decided I want to give back the gift of health to my community.


Dr. Whitney

I am passionate about helping pregnant mommas discover that pregnancy doesn't have to be painful and hard.  I am here to support and nurture your process of becoming a mom whether it is your first time or you have already given birth.