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We are honored that you chose us to care for you and your family.

Your health is YOUR choice.

We want you to be empowered to make the right choices for yourself and your loved ones by providing quality information and care.


Our Story

I began my journey into Chiropractic after suffering a major concussion while playing lacrosse in college. My short-term memory was severely impaired, I couldn't exercise or be around bright lights.  I had no choice but to dropout of college. After months of not healing, a friend of mine referred me to a chiropractor. Within a few short weeks my memory had returned and I was able to go back to school and graduate. This led me to the understanding that chiropractic has a tremendously powerful effect on the brain and is the key to unlocking the healing potential within us.  My life was changed so drastically from chiropractic care, that I decided to become a chiropractor myself. I am humbled to serve my community with this powerful healing art.

Our Mission

It is our intention to create a community of thriving families and individuals by correcting spinal subluxations to allow the full expression of health.

Why Chiropractic?

Health is the greatest asset we have, without it, achieving our life's dreams and goals are near impossible.  We strive to help you and your loved ones become the best versions of yourselves. A better community of healthier, more connected people will be a step toward making this world a better place .


It is an honor to serve you and your family!


With love and gratitude,


Dr. Trevor Colm

Your First Chiropractic Visit

Not sure what to expect? 


First, your complimentary consultation will begin with a no pressure, one-on-one conversation with the doctor. If he determines your case to be one he can help, we will discuss all of our procedures and pricing options, and you will be given the option to proceed with an examination if you choose to do so.


Next, the examination consists of digital x-rays (when necessary, these are taken in our office), orthopedic and neurological testing and a Neuro-Specific, Prone palpatory analysis to determine the health of your spine and nervous system.


We work with all major medical insurances as well as PIP and workers compensation. No insurance? No problem! We also provide flexible payment plan options. We believe finances should not stand in the way of experiencing great health and an exceptional quality of life.

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9am-1pm, 3pm-6pm


9am-1pm, 3pm - 6pm


9am-1pm, 3pm - 6pm


9am-1pm, 3pm - 6pm




5920 W William Cannon Dr, Bldg 7, Ste 100 Austin, Texas 78749

Conditions We Can Help


Poor posture

TMJ pain

Shoulder Pain


Poor Digestion

High Blood Pressure



Neck & Back Pain



Knee/Hip pain

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Trouble Sleeping




Mental Fog



And many more.....

Traditional Chiropractic

Traditional chiropractors focus on reducing muscle spasms, improving range of motion and the temporary reduction of pain. This is what most people associate chiropractic with, twisting and popping of the neck and back. This is great in the short term, however, over a long period of time this can cause the build-up of scar tissue and ligament laxity or instability.

Most chiropractors practice this way and they are usually great at what they do in this realm. It falls under the category of symptom relief and management care, also known as “band-aid” care.

Neuro Specific Prone

Dr. Roger Sperry, a nobel prize winning scientist stated “90% of the stimulation and nutrition to the brain is generated by movement of the spine.” When there are areas in the spine that are not moving correctly, the brain begins to starve and the nerves that exit the spine become compressed creating interference in the communication between the brain and body.

This is called a subluxation. When the brain and body can't communicate due to this interference in the nervous system we end up with secondary conditions.

“I started getting frequent headaches when I turned 16. For years I just thought it was related to poor diet or sleep, but after making lifestyle changes the headaches remained.

Now my headaches have all, but completely disappeared and I feel great!

Trevor has really changed my life."

- Tim C.